Quinta da Pedra Mija

The Agritourism

Quinta da Pedra Mija is an for those who want to spend a few days in a relaxed pace of life.

It is expected that the visitor becomes part of the destination and that through an extended stay he explores, discovers, enjoys, and participate in local activities, contributing to its development.

The house is located on a farm about 20 000 m2 of exclusive use of our guests, surrounded by woods, vineyards, olive groves and fruit trees . Here you can enjoy the full tranquility and privileged contact with nature.

The accommodation at Quinta da Pedra Mija, has a pool, wood oven, barbecue, playground and walking routes within and outside the farm. The decor is simple but comfortable and fully equipped for your total comfort.

Santar Village

Located in a plateau between Dão and Mondego rivers, Santar has in its horizon the beautiful landscapes of the Estrela and Caramulo mountains . Santar has as its greatest ex – libris the enology and you can experience wine tasting, the nectar of the Dão demarcated region . In its history Santar has elements of high heritage. Come find out and meet the people and culture of this region.

Dão Lafões Region

Dão-Lafões is a region with wonderful nooks, between mountains such as the Caramulo or Gralheira / Montemuro , and rivers like the Dão and the Paiva. Dão – Lafões territory is situated in the Central Region of Portugal, between the coast and the interior , and has a valuable ancient heritage, ranging from prehistory to the present day , with traces of Roman and Medieval times.

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